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2:42 p.m. - 2010-05-13
obtain free things on the internet 101 -- how to obtain free stuff online
obtain free things online tips - how to get free stuff online

In today's tough economy finding the best deals is always important. But why just look for deals when it is possible to find cost-free stuff too? I have been searching and signing up for free of charge stuff on the internet for a few years now. It may be time consuming, but it can also be worth it. I have received FULL SIZED items along with regular travel and sample sized items. I am about to tell you some great websites to check out along with a few tips on obtaining these freebies.

To start off, make yourself a new email address. The reason for this is because usually along with the free samples comes a good deal of no cost spam, and that is not the kind you eat! The email address will keep all this extra junk and spam separate from your personal and work emails. I personally prefer to use Gmail myself. Plenty of storage space and easy to use.

For more information on where to get free stuff UK please visit the link provided:

Have you ever wondered how people are getting free stuff over the internet? Maybe you know someone who claims they get free goodies all the time. Well, put aside your skepticism and let me tell you how you can safely get free products in your mail box on a weekly or even a daily basis. Keep in mind a lot of well known companies offer free samples and testers. They are hoping you will love their product and actually go out and buy it.

Second, I would suggest downloading a program called Robo Form. It is free of charge to download! You'll be able to download the file right from here without leaving this page, for your convenience. The only thing is, it is just a totally free trial as far as storing your passwords. Once your trial is up, you will no longer be able to just click and have your user name and password auto fill.. BUT you will be able to still auto-fill your personal information (name, address, etc) into website forms. This will save you a whole lot of time and typing when requesting your freebies or for any other site for that matter.

Third, I suggest getting an alternative phone number. Maybe one of the ones that you use through the internet such as Google Voice. The reason I suggest this, some companies require a phone number. Why? Most likely to try and sell you some sort of junk after you sign up for your free sample. To avoid the annoying spam calls, get some sort of fake number or alternative number for online. If you plan on answering the calls every once in a while, then maybe try out a prepaid phone.

Once you have those main things, you are ready to go! Needless to say they are absolutely not a must have, just a bit of a precaution. So now you are probably wondering what do you do from here? Where do you begin to even look for all these free things? You search the internet obviously! To save you time on all that searching though, I will offer you a few of my favorite internet sites.

The first site I recommend is Closet of Free of charge Samples. This website is packed with no cost samples and giveaways! They are all free. If it requires any shipping it will be noted in the title, but MOST do not require that. I personally, try to stay clear of paying shipping charges unless I REALLY like it! Not to mention the website is updated daily multiple times a day. It is possible to subscribe to get email or via google reader or both! Subscribing ensures you do not miss out on the newest postings!

Another site I really like is called ExpoTv. This is the site I have received FULL SIZED items to keep and try out. Now the deal with this site is you get paid to post video product reviews. In order to get full sized products you need to apply for various "tryology" programs. If you are selected to participate in one of the programs, they send you a full sized product of whatever they have to try out. The catch is, you need to do a 1 minute video review. Now if you don't get selected to be a "tryologist", that's OK! They have assignments where you are able to earn a few dollars to upload on particular products. You can also review ANY products you have around your home. You get paid for every time someone watches one of your videos too.

There are literally HUNDREDS of web sites on free of charge samples and giveaways and such. All you have to do is search. I just provided you with my top two favorites. I hope the bit of advice I gave will be helpful in your journey to freebie hunting!



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